1) Unique Resorts & Holidays is registered under   Trade Marks Act, 1999.

2) We request you to check all package rates with us before confirming; rates are subject to change without notice. There may also be a slight increase in transport rates in case of any revision in fuel prices.

3) Though we take utmost care in arranging hotel bookings / air ticketing / transportation for all our clients, our company does not own, operate, or control any hotels, and acts only as an agent for all the services offered by us. Hence, we will not be responsible or liable for any compensation, damages or refund in case of any shortcomings in the quality of the hotel or the services rendered there. Similarly, we will not be responsible or liable for any compensation or refund in lieu of any untoward incidents, or in the unfortunate event of any delays, loss, injury, accident, or any other irregularities caused by the hotel, or for any other reason whatsoever. The responsibility in such eventualities rests solely with the hotels.

4) If any services / facilities that is advertised or mentioned by the hotel in their brochures / advertisements / website and if it is not provided by the hotel, our company is not responsible for the same.

5)  Photographs / images shown on the our website / broachers are only for promotional purposes, the facts and actual property can be differ from the photographs.

6)  For packages & transport, there will be no refunds for any unutilized part of the service.

7) In case of cancellation of the package / hotel bookings, the amounts refunded by hotels / service providers will be refunded to you, leaving aside the expenses incurred by us in this regard. We cannot give assurance of refund in case of cancellation. As always, we will try our best to reduce losses for our clients.

8) We request you not to make any cash transactions with any hotels / travel agents / any representative acting on behalf of Unique Resorts and Holidays, unless it is first confirmed by us in writing. We will not be responsible for cash payments you make without our consent.

9) Travel Insurance can be provided on request of customer at extra cost.

10)  In case of any disputes, or difference of opinion, the decision of our company shall be final.

11) It is deemed that the above rules and policies have been read and accepted by you and your guest, and the booking has been made with us after considering all the above.